september newsletter


A month has already came and passed, and I sit here in amazement as I look back on these last five weeks. I knew the Lord was at work here in Trujillo, but boy, could I not (and still can’t) imagine how big He really is working here.

In the last five weeks, we’ve made friends at each of the four universities, we’ve met students that speak English, we’ve met more students that speak Spanish, we’ve shared the gospel in Spanish (a lot), we’ve shared the gospel in English, we’ve walked really far (217 miles..), we’ve met students that want to have a relationship with Jesus, we’ve met students that want to engage in spiritual conversations, we’ve met students that have never had a spiritual conversation, we’ve eaten a lot of rice and a lot of ice cream, we’ve met students that really, really love the Lord, and we’ve watched God already start to bring together students that we’re praying will soon form ‘missional communities’ on their campuses, and that will become life-long Christ-centered laborers. I have an awesome job.

A couple of weeks ago, Elisabet was touching up a project for a class she had in ten minutes when we asked her and her friend if they had a few minutes to talk. Elisabet started to hesitate, but her friend instead responded “sure!” As we started to explain to them why we were at their university, and that we were Christians, Elisabet’s face totally changed. If a face could literally light up, you would say that that’s what her face did. She immediately exclaimed that she, too, was a Christian, and that earlier this semester the Lord had put it on her heart to help form a community for students on campus where they could come to study the Bible, learn about who Jesus really is, and have a little family of friends that would love and care for each other during their time at university. She hadn’t known how she was going to do that, but during that conversation she told us that we were an answer to her prayers. Later when we met up for ice cream (see middle picture below), Elisabet shared with us her vision for her campus, we shared with her our vision for her campus, found out they were nearly exactly the same, and hugged and thanked our sweet King and ate ice cream and prayed and with eager hearts dreamed about what this year would look like.

We’re continuing to meet students like Elisabet, we’re praying for more students like Elisabet, and we’d love for you guys to continue praying with us for the city of Trujillo, the four universities, and these kind, beautiful, searching students that we’re meeting every day. God is on the move and desires to bring these students into relationship with Him, and into a Christian community where they can grow in their faith together and learn to fight the good fight. Thank you for your guys’ support – I am thrilled to be a part the ministry in Perú, and eager to watch the way the Lord shows us all his love this year.


IMG_0873Thank you thank you thank you!!

(or Elisa, as I’m called 75% of the time)



– the potential student leaders we have met!
– the Bible-preaching churches we have gone to
– the one national Cru sta member, Adela
– God loves all of these Peruvian students!!!
– 19 students have decided they want a relationship with Jesus!!
– we’ve finally moved into our apartments (yay for a kitchen, a lot less rice, and less temptation to buy ice cream)

– that we would be strategic and efficient with learning a new culture and city
– that we would continue to find strong Christian students that will be able to help us lead well
– that we’d get to keep sharing with students that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus
– that we would find English-speaking boys for our non-Spanish-speaking boys!
– that my attention span for Spanish would lengthen 🙂
– that my relationship with the Lord would grow -> that I’d learn to live my whole life for Him
– continued safety, especially in our so-far, so-good neighborhood
– for life-long Christ-centered laborers from the city of Trujillo

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