‘Recuerditos de Perú’ by Kenzie

My sweet friend Kenzie spent six weeks this summer with Cru in Trujillo, Peru — the city I’m living in this year!! She wrote up just one of the many stories that God used this summer to encourage me in going to Peru and to remind me that He is faithful. Take a peek below! You can also view it on her blog here.

“Being in Peru this summer, I was blown away by the drastic way God demonstrated his love and power as He worked in the lives of so many people. In times when our team was discouraged and wondering what would come next, God met us and exceeded our expectations. As I remember all that He did, I am so encouraged to know how He is working in that nation and that I got to be a part of it. I’m also amazed and comforted that the same God who worked so intensely this summer in Peru is the God who is alive and at work here.

One day towards the beginning of the trip, my small outreach team and I were walking around on the UNT (Universidad Nacional de Trujillo) campus talking with students. We had gone to eat lunch in a little café near the middle of campus. As we were leaving, this lady began chasing after me and my friend. At this point, my Spanish wasn’t the greatest and I was having a hard time hearing exactly what she was saying as she spoke so quickly. However, I picked up that she wanted my group (who was obviously not from Trujillo) to fill out forms to receive help paying for our meals in the café we’d just eaten in. After a while of talking to her, we were a little taken aback so we regathered and set out to talk to more students. Later on, another friend and I were taking a little break to find a building that would be good for indoor outreach if the weather was bad one day. We walked up to a building and tried to open the door, and then realized there was a custodian inside cleaning. She started walking towards the door, so to avoid being yelled at in Spanish we started quickly walking away. All of a sudden, we had yet another lady chasing after us and telling us she could let us inside if we wanted to look around. Before we knew it, we were walking into a little office building with this lady. She asked us what we were doing in Trujillo and where we were from. All of a sudden, I realized it was the same lady from earlier that afternoon who had followed us out of the café. As we told her in broken Spanish that we were Christians in Trujillo for a few weeks to meet and share Christ with students, her face lit up and she motioned for us to follow her. We walked into her office and she picked up a leather Bible from the stacks of books on her cluttered desk. She began telling us, and we without a doubt understood, that Christ is her Savior, her life, and her everything. She told us her testimony of how she came to Christ and of her burden for students and professors at the university to know him. She told us she is the head of the philosophy department and that a lot of professors weren’t Christians. We talked with her for a while and left to go tell our team all about what God had done. That afternoon, as we were leaving campus, we decided to stop back in the professor’s office. She had us all sit down and before we knew it we were collaborating about effective ways of sharing the gospel with students on campus. All of a sudden, she had us all follow her out of the office and upstairs to a big classroom full of forty or more students. The professor standing at the front of the class was a friend of hers who also happened to be a pastor. She introduced us to him and he asked us to stand at the front of the class and explain to his students our purpose of being in Trujillo and then invite them to the outreach events. After mustering up the courage by asking the Lord to be with us, a couple of us nervously and awkwardly walked in front of the class to share in Spanish. After this, she took us back downstairs to another classroom full of students. The professor was one of the only English professors in the whole university. She was one of the sweetest ladies we’d met so far and when she heard what we were doing in Trujillo, her eyes sparked with excitement and she eagerly told us the Lord had sent us there. She was also a Christian and had us go in front of her class to explain what we were there to do, in English! The forty or so students seemed so excited to hear from us and they all wanted to meet each of us and practice their English. We started making new friends and they invited us to have dinner and lunch at their houses. The professor also invited us to come back once a week during our time there to teach the class for a couple hours. This ended up being a new source of meeting and sharing with Peruvians  that we would have NEVER imagined! So once a week, we return to the English classroom and had not only the chance to get to know so many unique and great people but also what was basically a wide open platform for proclaiming Christ. I remember standing in front of the classroom, scared to death and nervous, but thinking how amazing it would be if each and every one of those students came to know the Lord. We had the chance to share the gospel with the class, get to know so many students, get into spiritual conversations, share meals at students’ houses, and discuss English articles about Jesus with them. The stories that trail off of this one miraculous story are endless. Several of these students ended up accepting Christ and several were already Christians excited about growing in their faith.  It’s impossible for me to look back on this event and be apathetic because it is such tangible and sweet evidence of God showing his power in Trujillo. This was one tiny plant he sprouted that is the beginning of a beautiful garden he is cultivating in this fertile city.”

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